Hi, my name is Øyvind Aukner

I’m a full stack developer, specialized in development of web applications using React, Next.js, Node.js & more

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I am a freelance full-stack developer. I have worked with clients from diverse industries and contributed to more than 10 projects for a range of clients and stakeholders. This includes associations, a small startup, a growing scale-up, and notable companies like Yara and Gjensidige. I have worked in agile environments and my roles have included everything from implementing charging solutions in a parking application to developing dashboards and visualization tools for IoT data. I am committed to writing clean and maintainable code and borr down to the core of any client’s problem.

I have been developing web applications for over six years, starting from my bachelor's degree in Informatikk at NTNU. I have experience working in agile environments and applying agile practices such as Scrum and Shape Up.

Although I have been exposed to a lot of different tools and technologies, my core stack remains React and NextJS with Typescript on the frontend and NodeJS with Express and Typescript on the backend. I have also extensively used TailwindCSS for styling and recommend that on every project I contribute to. I also have several years of experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and am familiar with EC2, S3, SNS, SQS, Lambdas, Route53, CloudFront, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, and RDS. In my latest project I have also gotten familiar with C# and the .NET ecosystem for development of APIs.

I write clean, maintainable, and modular code that not only solves problems but also facilitates collaboration and future development. I am passionate about programming and eager to learn new technologies and skills if a project stack were to fall outside of my core stack.

I offer my services as a full-stack developer for hire to work with businesses of all sizes. If you think that I can make a positive contribution to your project, then get in touch!


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Transport doc

TDoc is a timekeeping system for commercial drivers that fulfills the requirements for driver documentation from the Norwegian Road Administration. My task as a developer was to go through and improve, correct and save 2 codebases written in React. When necessary I also contributed to the backend.

Development tools

  • React & javascript
  • Taiwind
  • C#, dotnet, Azure DevOps

KPI Dashboards

In order to build awareness about core KPI's in the company, Fleks decided to build some internal dashboards to showcase number of users, sales, customer support pressure and more.

Development tools

  • React with Nextjs
  • AWS lambda, SNS, SQS and DynamoDB
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Chip check-out

To streamline the Fleks customer experience, we added charging chips to all our electric vehicles. I made the frontend that included this as a step in vehicle check-out. As part of this I integrated a QR-scanner.

Development tools

  • EmberJS with Typescript
  • TailwindCSS

Yara DPP

Digital Production Platform. We created a comprehensive portal along with approximately 15 apps designed to assist with real-time production and post-analysis of fertilizer production. The portal was brand new while the apps where lift-and-shift recreations rewritten in React to facilitate future development.

Development tools

  • React with Typescript
  • TailwindCSS and bit.dev for reusable components

Charging integration

As a consultant from Capra, I implimented an app charging solution at Apcoa Norway. This involvedthe use of Typescript, Express, REST, Postgresql, Sequelize and Jenkins to seamlessly integrate electricvehicle charging controls into the APCOA Flow app. This initiative streamlined parking and chargingpressure for a uniform experience.

Development tools

  • Node with express and Typescript
  • Postgres with Sequelize (ORM)
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